Why You Should Embrace Being Single

March 10, 2019 in Self-Development

Going through a breakup is never fun regardless of the circumstances. Give yourself some time and you will find normality in your life again. Some people find themselves in relationships again pretty quickly, others are single for long periods of time. I am one of those people. Here’s why I wouldn’t have it any other way and why you should embrace being single before jumping into a new relationship.

Learn To Be Alone & Actually Enjoy It!

When in a relationship you are so used to that person being around all the time that you feel lost when you breakup. It can be difficult but if you learn to enjoy to be alone its comforting knowing that you are solely responsible for your own happiness and mood. I love knowing that no one can let me down or do something to make me unhappy.

You Are Complete As An Individual

A lot of the time we believe that someone else completes us or we are waiting for that missing piece of the puzzle. Whereas we should understand that we are complete as we are – we are not lacking because we are single. If you are with someone they should add to your life not complete it.

Focus On Yourself

This is my favourite thing about being happily single. I really embrace being by myself and work on transforming myself into a better person. You now have so much time to improve your physical & mental health and generally do more for YOU.

You Will Find Love Again

I always worry that I am not good enough and that I won’t find somebody again etc. When I am really feeling down I step back from dating completely and turn the focus back to myself. When you are looking after you and enjoy living your life, that is when someone will come along.

I’m sure you have heard the saying before…’ you need to love yourself before someone else can love you’. At times, I don’t think it’s entirely true but when you have come out of a relationship – you really need to take time to heal, look after you and enjoy your own life again. Realise what you want from life and what you want from another person and you will meet someone that adds to what you have built rather than ‘completing’ it. So if you are feeling down about being single, stop! It’s time to begin ‘project you’.

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