GYST Day: The Ultimate Weekly Reset

June 27, 2021 in Productivity, Self-Development

Time, there never seems to be enough of it. Trying to balance a full time job, hobbies & side hustles as well as taking care of yourself and socialising. It’s a lot to manage. If you aren’t careful your life can easily fall off track. The good news is; there’s a solution. The bad news is you are going to need to implement self discipline and focus in order to see results.

GYST Day: The Ultimate Weekly Reset

What is a GYST day?

GYST stands for Get Your Sh*t Together. You can give yourself a day, a week, a month or maybe your goals will span a longer period of time. There’s no limit! In this post we are discussing the benefits of giving yourself a GYST day once a week. How many times have you told yourself you want to get something done and then before you know it, the week is over? Planning out your time and weekly goals beforehand will really help your productivity.

Things to do on your GYST day

Deep clean & refresh!

It’s time to sort out your environment. There’s nothing worse than living in a messy space. Head over to Pinterest and get yourself a cleaning checklist. You will be surprised on the impact it will have on your mood, ability to focus and even your creativity.

Plan & organise

I love downloading a calendar on my iPad and using colours to mark out what I’m doing each day. This allows me to allocate things I need to do without giving myself more than I can handle. I currently managed multiple social media pages and note on my calendar which days I am going post on each account. Planning this way means I can allow for my shops biggest dispatch days and the days I want to work out or have other plans already. Remember to allow yourself time to have fun and relax. Once you have your schedule, it’s much easier to change a day and be spontaneous because you will know where you need to catch up later in the week and most importantly, not feel guilty about taking time off!

Digital Declutter

Decluttering devices could be a task on it’s own entire day. But it’s an important step of a GYST day. When was the last time your sorted your files on your phone or computer? Sort through your emails/unsubscribe. Go through social media and remove any accounts that you don’t align with. Take a look at your own accounts, do they need an update, maybe even new branding?

Set goals & intentions

When you set intentions for the week, you will subconsciously have them in the back of your mind. This always becomes clear to me when I start reading – I then find myself picking up my book a lot more often than I did before. The key is you have to actually want to do the thing and enforce some self discipline. This is definitely the case when it comes to exercising, it takes a bit more of a push to get yourself moving. Do you want to eat healthier? Try meal-prepping. I like to take salads to work for lunch – when they are ready to go, I don’t fail – however, when I didn’t prepare beforehand I end up eating whatever else I can find.

Self-Care / Pamper Time

If you are someone that finds it difficult to stick to a skincare routine, this could be your answer! Once a week, dedicate time for a nice pamper night. Put on a podcast and get back into that ‘main character’ mindset. You could also extend this to adding time for journaling and meditation. If you struggle to fit in these things into your daily routine, give this a try. Doing something is better than nothing at all. It’s so important to have time away from devices and constant flow of information.

Planning ahead and having a day for organisation before the week begins, drastically improves my state of mind. When I leave things down to each day, I struggle to know what to prioritise. Everyone is different, it may be that you need a series of weeks to allocate your tasks. After this you could then have ‘maintenance’ weekly GYST days. As with any productivity method, it’s all about finding what works best for you. If you find yourself overwhelmed and constantly running out of time. Definitely give this a go. Even if you just start small, a list of goals for the week or by following a calendar.

Do you currently have a GYST day? What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to getting everything done and staying organised?


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