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April 9, 2018 in Productivity, Self-Development


At the beginning of the year, most people are feeling motivated and ready for a fresh start. This motivation lasts so long before we lose sight our new goals or life just generally gets in the way.  Over the past month, I have noticed that life that has taken over and detracted from my personal goals. I love being busy, but also feel extremely unfulfilled when I am not making any progress towards the things I want to achieve. As a result, I find my mindset becomes much more negative than usual.

1. Reassess your goals

Most of the time, when I feel a bit lost and uninspired its because I have lost sight of my goal. I am not actively pushing myself to work towards anything. I am someone who thrives on progression and completing things, sometimes its easy to lose track of what I am supposed to be working toward. The biggest struggle is trying to juggle working, socializing etc and finding time to work on personal goals. When you find yourself in a rut, have a think about if you are actively achieving things or if you need to make new goals.

2. Make to-do lists

Once you have decided what you want to achieve, write down the little steps that are going to get you there. Whether you want to make a daily, weekly or monthly to-do list, this will definitely help you stay on track.

3. Self-Care

I always stress the importance of self-care in relation to mental health and overall happiness. We all feel so much better when we take the time to look after ourselves. Take some time out to have a bath, or go to the gym. Even tracking your daily water intake is a small step to increasing your happiness. I feel most inspired when I am at my most positive and happiest state of mind.

4. Focus on what you enjoy

Instead of feeling frustrated and unmotivated, do something you enjoy. Whether it is related to your own goals or not. There isn’t really much point forcing yourself to do something that you aren’t in the mood to do. Allow yourself some time to do something fun, without feeling guilty about it.

5. Stop procrastinating

If you have actioned all the above steps yet still find yourself feeling unmotivated, set yourself some easy/small tasks. I find that once I start doing something productive, my inspiration comes back and I feel motivated to do other things. Sometimes you need to give yourself that kick to just get started.


How do you get your motivation back?

Have you found that you have needed to reassess your goals since the new year?



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