12 Powerful daily habits that will transform your life

May 9, 2021 in Self-Development

We’ve all been in that rut where the days and months seem to pass yet nothing really changes. The problem lies in your daily routine, chances are your current habits do not align with what you are trying to achieve. Or it could be that you haven’t set clear goals and therefore you don’t know how to get to your dream life. Here are 12 powerful habits that will transform your life. There’s no better time to start making those changes than today, so what are you waiting for?

I can guarantee that you have seen these points on a list before, but are they currently a priority in your daily routine? Our physical and mental health won’t just take care of themselves. It’s down to you to create a daily routine that will enable you to flourish. Our happiness and general wellbeing is influenced by a multitude of factors, by adopting the following habits, you will see an improvement. Don’t forget, these things don’t happen overnight; use the 21/90 rule:

12 Powerful daily habits that will transform your life

  1. Skincare Routine
  2. Workout DAILY
  3. Drink Water
  4. Set a sleep schedule
  5. Clean out your space
  6. Eat Healthily
  7. Read Self-Development books
  8. Watch mindset YT videos & podcasts
  9. Limit social media usage
  10. Take others advice/opinions lightly
  11. Spend time ALONE
  12. Set goals and plan your time

Health & Wellness Habits

If you wish to live a healthier lifestyle, you must start living intentionally. Make decisions that will reinforce what you are trying to achieve. When setting realistic expectations I believe that it’s important to set minimum and ideal goals. This way you can’t fail and give up, you have to hold yourself accountable to achieve at least your minimum goal. When it comes to dieting and exercise this allows you to have days off/cheat days without telling yourself you have failed. Doing SOMETHING is better than quitting or not starting at all. Be kind to yourself!

Mindset Habits

There are so many factors that can affect your mindset, believe it or not, you actually have quite a lot of control over it. Think of a happy memory and I bet you will feel the joy you experienced in the moment, all over again. Be mindful with the information you consume and the things you expose yourself to. When you are surrounded by positive, uplifting content/music, whatever it may be, it will influence the way you think and feel. Spend time alone and work out what you value and the things that make you happy. How do you wish to fill your days? No one or nothing can answer this for you. A lot of the time people will make themselves ‘busy’ to distract from sitting with their own thoughts or getting on with that risky/challenging project. This is where planning your time becomes detrimental to your success. Things don’t just happen, you have to create structure and pin point what you are going to achieve and by when. You can then plan your leisure and social time around this. MUST READ: This is why you fail to achieve your goals

Align your Goals

When we don’t make a plan or set targets, chances are we aren’t going to achieve anything by accident. You must get clear on what it is you want to achieve and then ensure that your daily habits are going to help accelerate your progress. With so much choice for what’s possible it can be overwhelming trying to decide which direction to go in. Invest some time in making lists and brainstorming how you envision your life to look. Picture yourself at the end result and work backwards, detailing everything you need to do to get there. MUST READ: Why you shouldn’t put your dreams on hold

Are you currently in a set routine; where all your habits and goals align? Or do you need to have a rewrite of your masterplan? Do any of these habits stand out that you are going to make a priority in the coming months?

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