10 Goals to transform your life in 2023

December 31, 2022 in Self-Development

I love a new beginning. I always get that sense of a fresh start as a new year approaches. The end of December is a great time to reflect on the past 12 months, what went well and what didn’t. What do you want to change in the new year? It’s important to choose goals that are realistic but will also challenge you. Here are 10 goals to transform your life in 2023:

10 Goals to transform your life in 2023

10 Goals to transform your life in 2023

Read More Books

This is on my list every single year. You can be extreme and set yourself a number of books to read throughout the next 12 months, or use it to implement the habit. Sometimes its not about racing to finish lots of books, but setting time aside that’s not interrupted with social media and having 30 minutes to enjoy reading. I highly recommend self development books, this is a great way to expand your mind, however I do also enjoy fiction every now and then. The key here is to create a goal that works for you.

Curate Your Social Media Feed

I think most people can agree when I say that social media can leave you feeling pretty down about yourself. We are subconsciously comparing ourselves and our realities to other peoples highlight reels. I don’t think we can eliminate this completely, however, we do have control over the information we subject ourselves to. Follow content that resonates with you and aligns with your goals and passions. Use it as motivation for your new year goals, follow finance, fitness, travel etc.

Health & Fitness

I believe everyone should have a goal relating to health & fitness to some extent. Even if it’s trying a new class, or a step count goal. You have to identify where you are now and a healthy way to get to where you wish to be. This is going to be individual to everyone. It doesn’t have to be about weight loss or extreme diets. Design a plan that will make you feel good about yourself.

Financial Reset

If there is a better time to check in on your financial goals, it’s now! How are you progressing with your goals? Have you been overspending? Look into getting yourself new resources to stay on track; for example; a budgeting spreadsheet. The sooner you are on top of your situation, the sooner you can start powering on towards your goals. Check your subscriptions & direct debit payments, is there anything you can cancel to free up some more cash?

Reduce Screen Time

I recently deleted TikTok to free up space on my phone (seriously why does it take up GB’s of space?!). Doing so made me realize just how much I gravitated toward trying to open the app. You can use this to your advantage, when do you typically find yourself scrolling? Use that time to work on one of your other goals. Bored in the evening? Do some fitness classes – you don’t even need to go to the gym, YouTube is an amazing resource!

Choose Something New

What’s that one thing you say you would like to do but never get around to? Cooking, learning a language, solo travel or going to that group activity. The times in my life that I have craved change, I leaned into these things. It doesn’t have to be difficult, sign up to Hello Fresh – it’s brilliant for increasing your confidence with cooking. Or use social media platforms to find recipes, there are amazing budget friendly recipes. Get talking to people on groups on social media. Be proactive and make the change happen.

Growth Over Comfort

It can be tough to break from routine. But is likely the reason that you are looking for ways to change and transform your life. In order to achieve this, you are going to have to get used to being uncomfortable. Put yourself out there, the life you have always wanted is waiting for you. You just have to leave your comfort zone in order to attain it.

Set Intentions For The Year

Setting new goals can be overwhelming. Think about your intentions for the year, what does the bigger picture look like? Then choose your smaller goals that align with this. You can make your goals as specific as you want, as long as you can realistically achieve them.

Create Routines

The reason that making new goals can be hard to stick to, is because we are used to our old ways. To set yourself up for the best chance of success you will need to implement new routines. Try the 21/90 rule: commit to 21 days straight, then in 90 days it will become a habit.

Reflect & Adapt

You don’t have to get this right in the first few months. You may need to make changes, in order to guarantee your success. The most important part is just getting started. The process should be fun, if it’s not, have a rethink. Have you chosen an intention that didn’t really align with what you desire?

What are you focusing on in 2023?

Did you try something in 2022 that didn’t work out for you?

10 Goals to transform your life in 2023

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