5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From Your Hometown

April 9, 2023 in Self-Development

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pick up your life and start fresh in a new place? In October 2022, I moved 7hrs away from my hometown, moving from the South East in England, to the North East. Hopefully this post will help you make your own decision if you are deliberating moving away. Here are 5 reasons why you should move away from your hometown.

5 reasons why you should move away from your hometown

Embracing the opportunity for personal growth

Who are you when you remove your natural patterns that you have been repeating your whole life? Do you fill your time with plans, only to find you can’t make time for personal goals? The best way to start again, is to remove all the patterns and distractions that exist within your current life. Moving away pushes you out of your comfort zone, no work connections or friends to fall back on. It should be scary, but also exciting. What does your dream life look like? Does your current environment compliment the lifestyle you wish to attain?

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From Your Hometown

Are you feeling unsure of what to do in life?

Personally, I didn’t feel settled or as if I could settle in the area I was living in previously. I felt that there was more to discover, I can certainly say that I was 100% correct in that feeling. I now live in an area with several National Parks to explore and have been able to experience living in a small village in Northumberland – incredible, it’s so beautiful here. There is a city nearby, less than an hour away, which is where I now work and will be moving closer to in the next few months. It’s crazy how life works itself out!

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From Your Hometown

Being intentional with new friends & relationships

If your move is to improve your lifestyle, you will find that you are going to meet more people with the same interests. A huge win when it comes to building connections. You will be more likely to get involved and put yourself out there, if you can join events/meetups that include things you enjoy. I will definitely be joining group hikes this summer! Who knows what other opportunities will be out there, it’s all part of the experience.

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From Your Hometown

New Inspiration & Motivation

Your environment can have a huge impact on your creativity. Are you feeling burnt out in your job? Feel like you have no time to explore passion projects? Struggling to live an active lifestyle? Maybe you need to switch things up. We are all different, some like routine, others find they can get bored after doing the same thing. Sure, a new area will become routine at some point too, however, it will allow you to build a new lifestyle you won’t get bored of as easily. Maybe you would like to be near the beach, or national parks, or living in a city center.

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From Your Hometown

Moving to achieve life goals

Are you struggling to reach life goals in the area you currently live? Are you struggling to get on the property ladder? Could your cost of living be reduced by moving somewhere else? Would moving to a different area provide you with more job opportunity? My move has encompassed all three of these points. I am still on the journey to purchase property, however I feel much more confident knowing that the starting point is roughly £100k less than the area I used to live.

5 Reasons Why You Should Move Away From Your Hometown

Some points to consider:

Everyone’s circumstances are different, no one can give you a yes or no answer as to whether it will be good for you. I feel a lot also depends on the area you are living in currently. My main areas of interest were; outdoor activities, hiking, events venues – concerts/shows, bars/nightlife. All of which there was little of where I used to live. Work out what you would benefit from by moving. Also think about what you would be leaving behind. If you keep coming back to the idea of moving, you should definitely consider going for it. If it all goes terribly wrong, you can just go back. But what if it all works out? It could be the one thing standing between you and your dream life.

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