Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

July 5, 2019 in Self-Development

Everyone has been at a point in their life where they feel comfortable. Things may not be perfect but the thought of leaping into the unknown is enough to stop you taking risks. Truth is, once you start pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, amazing things happen.

Push Yourself & Learn To Grow

We get so scared of the unknown that we get in this mindset of just staying with what we know. Think about it this way, would you be happy living the rest of your life how you are now? Or think about what your ideal life would look like.

Life Is Short

The more time you spend wondering and thinking about something the more time you are wasting. If you want to make a change, chances are that feeling isn’t going away anytime soon. So you may as well fight the fear and jump in and see what happens. What is it exactly you are scared of anyway?

Expect The Worst Case Scenario

Don’t look at the situation negatively, but if you expect the worst you can’t lose. By thinking about what could go wrong, you can make a plan B. If you feel that something will make you happy or an experience could be the best of your life – why would you not go for it?

Embrace Fear

Once you get comfortable taking risks you start to look for things that will scare you. This is because you learn that the outcome won’t be as bad as your brain is telling you it will be. You never know you may just enjoy yourself.


I hear lots of people come up with reasons as to why they can’t do things. Seriously, sit and think about it. I think you are just creating reasons for yourself to not do something because it scares you. Everyone has opportunities they could seize which would allow them to do what they want to do! There is always a way, you CAN make it work.

If you have that little thing in your mind that you keep putting off or pushing to the side. I hope this makes you have a think about approaching that thing head on. Life is happening now and it doesn’t wait for everyone. There will never be a right time to do anything. So if you feel your instincts telling you to do something, DO IT! After all, you will only regret the things you didn’t do.

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