10 Free Workout at Home Resources

May 17, 2020 in lifestyle, Self-Development

With gyms in the UK remaining closed for the foreseeable future, many workout routines have been disrupted. Whether you were a frequent gym goer or not, I have compiled some of my favourite workout at home resources. The UK is now allowing unlimited exercise outdoors so no excuses, even if you just go for a walk! Accompany this with the amount of resources available online, there really is something for everyone. If you find yourself with more free time than usual, take advantage and start your fitness journey.

10 Free workout at home resources

Run or Walk outside

The easiest option that is available to everyone (in the UK – please follow the rules of your government if overseas) is to just get outside and take a walk or run. Not only will it burn calories but you will also feel better mentally and you should experience higher levels of energy throughout the day.

Couch to 5k app

I am adding this resource as a suggestion for you to research more (as I haven’t yet started using it) however, I do want to get better at running and I’ve heard great things about this app. From what I have seen so far, you start out running short distances on intervals whilst walking. Designed by the NHS you know this is a resource that you can trust. My boyfriend has been helping me get started with running at the moment and uses the Nike run club app to track our progress.

Family/household activities

If you struggle finding exercises you enjoy doing, why not get out with your family/household? A game of football or badminton is always a lot of fun and you are exercising without really even realising. Another great option is going for a bike ride, take yourself a picnic and make a day of it!

Online resources

There are so many resources just a click away, that are free! Most of these don’t even require any equipment. Usually, the instructor will advise what you can use as a substitute just in case you don’t have the equipment at home.


I have been using Cassey’s workouts for years now. There is a huge variety on her channel and there is something for every fitness level. If you have ever looked for fitness videos on YouTube, chances are you have come across Blogilates. Cassey’s youtube tagline is “Full length POP Pilates, PIIT28 and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho aka Blogilates!” Try her 20 minute booty lift cardio pilates workout – 7 day challenge.

Tone it up

Again, I have known about and used Tone It Up for many years. You can find great total body workouts (the bikini series is great) and targeted workouts e.g booty! What I like most is that there are tons of printable’s that you can easily find on Pinterest. I just keep them on my phone / iPad and have the screen on instead of printing. Great for when maybe you want to switch up your regular routine.

Fitness Blender

I came across fitness blender back in 2017 when I had left my job and really wanted to exercise more. I did their 32 minute cardio workout (no equipment) frequently. You can measure your progress gradually as you get better at completing the whole workout. They have lots of workouts, watch a few and see which exercises would be best for you.

Joe Wicks

When the schools closed back in March, Joe Wicks announced that he would be live streaming ‘PE with Joe’ every Monday – Friday at 9AM. My sister is 8 and this is perfect for her..one day I decided to join in and was sore for days after. We then went back recently and completed the first day he streamed and he explains that these workouts are for everyone. These aren’t too intense but still get your heart rate up – perfect for a family activity. They are all available on Joe’s YouTube channel so you can complete them when is best for you.

Other resources I have been enjoying:

  • Sami Clarke – YT & IG – Really great, challenging total body workouts and abs!
  • Gabriella Whited – YT – Brilliant targeted workouts, great for pushing your boundaries / starting a challenge.
  • Pinterest – There are so many workouts on Pinterest, most have pictures for instructions. Makes it quick and easy to pick something and get started. You can also find challenges which increase repetitions over a period of time.
  • Youtube – Sometimes I enjoy watching regular peoples workout routines, especially at home. You can see what is achievable without going to the gym or needing equipment. It’s also interesting to find out what someone was doing to get into shape and what best targets the areas that you want to focus on.

“I’m not motivated to workout at home”

Firstly, go and read my post Motivation is Bullsh*t. If you are waiting for the motivation to work out at home, it will probably never arrive. Instead, you need to focus on making working out a habit and finding exercises that you like. It’s difficult starting a workout but you feel great afterwards! Choose whether you are going to workout in the morning or evening and stick to it. The more routine it becomes the less you even think about it and start enjoying the benefits.

Have you been working out at home? Are you going to start using any of these resources? If you know of any other great resources let me know!


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