10 Ways To Kickstart Your Blogging Motivation

February 3, 2019 in grow your blog

We’ve all been there, days or months pass and you haven’t written any new content. You start to stress when your normal post schedule comes around and you have no ideas. Before you know it weeks can go by and your blog has taken a backseat. Don’t beat yourself up about it, what’s important is what you do when this happens and how you come back from it. Sometimes, taking a break is necessary to recharge and find your creativity

Change up your theme

I find that when my blog isn’t portraying the image I want, my motivation lacks. As soon as I change it up, I feel inspired to create content again. You could go for a full new blog theme or simply play around with fonts. It doesn’t have to involve spending money!

What is your blog purpose?

If you don’t have a particular blog purpose, your content can seem all over the place. It will get to a point where you are wondering what your readers actually want to read. This can cause a block between you thinking that your ideas are good enough. Whereas if you have a defined blog purpose/niche you can brainstorm content which your readers are expecting to find!

Post brainstorm

Following directly on from my last point, brainstorming is key. Doing so will help you come up with lots of ideas. You can then save this list and use them when you can’t think of any new topics. It will also help spark your creativity.

Update old content

Sometimes the best way to find your motivation is by completing some small, fairly easy tasks. Updating old content is a task that you can just get straight into – whether it’s statistics that need to be updated or you want to rewrite sections of the post it’s doesn’t take too much brain work to do. Once you have completed this you will feel better having achieved something, you will likely want to continue writing!

Create new pins

Similar to the last point, this one doesn’t take too much brain work or planning. Go through your posts and create new pins for them. It’s really fun to create new designs. In the process, you will think of new ideas for content.

Read other blogs

By no means do I mean go and copy someone else but when I have a read of peoples posts, new or old, I find myself feeling inspired. If someone’s post has directly influenced you to write about a topic, there is no harm in stating this at the beginning of your post (I would ask them as well).

Create a schedule

A schedule won’t save you every time you run out of motivation but it will help keep you on the right track. This as well as brainstorming content ideas and creating prewritten posts will help when you are struggling. Having drafted posts has saved me many times!

Follow new people

It’s good to read new content and see others peoples views on things. Maybe it will help inspire you with a new niche for your blog. Just remember where necessary to link back to someone that influenced you to write something (if it has come directly from reading their blog).

Get involved in the community

If you are having no luck with the previous steps the next thing you can do is get involved in the community, but step away from your blog. Get involved in twitter chats or comment swap threads. Feeling involved will help you think of ways that you can share helpful information.

Don’t stress

The more you worry about not having ideas and not being motivated, the more you will be stuck behind a writing block. So don’t get worked up, keep yourself busy with other things. Get outside, do something new, soon enough you will find the motivation again.

How did you recover from a lack of motivation? Leave a comment if you have any other tips!

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