6 Habits That Will Change Your Life In 2020

January 3, 2020 in Self-Development

Here’s to a brand new decade, new experiences and new opportunities await. How do you want the next ten years to look? If you want to change things up and level up your life, have a think about these habits. They all have the potential to really transform your life in this next decade. If you need some help setting yourself some goals for 2020, have a read of my post here.

Wake up early

I don’t know about you but I really don’t feel great when I stay in bed late in the morning. I feel like I have lost hours and before I know it, the evening is there already. I’m not saying wake up at 5am – hey if that’s your thing don’t change that – get yourself into a regular routine and I think you will find that you are more productive. Typically we are most creative earlier on in the day, so use this time effectively. We spend most of our time at work, so why not wake up earlier and use that morning energy to work on your goals.

Exercise regularly

The one thing we all know we should be doing more…exercise! I feel so much better once I have done it but staying in a routine is extremely difficult. You need to decide for yourself what is the best way for you to go about this, are you better off going to a gym or do you prefer working out at home? What works for one person doesn’t have the same effect on all. Maybe try a new class or fitness routine this year. Or even, create a calendar so that you aren’t doing the same thing all the time.

Better time management

Where a lot of us fall down with our goals would probably be easily fixed with better time management. I think if we were more honest with ourselves we would agree, deep down, that we use the lack of time as an excuse. Check your screen time, how much TV are you watching? If you calculate your hours at work and hours asleep, how many hours do you then have spare? If you need help disciplining yourself, you could create a weekly schedule, where you allocate time blocks for different things. Don’t forget to include some downtime, you can’t be all go 24/7.

Staying focused, don’t give up

If you begin to struggle and feel like you are letting your goals slide, have a think about what you can do differently. Don’t just give up, try a new way to make it work. How can you make your routine exciting? Set yourself things to complete and at the end decide how you will reward yourself. Chances are you will be so much more likely to just get it done.

Be productive, not busy!

This is one of my main focus areas for 2020, using my time more effectively to achieve specific things. For example, if I begin writing a blog post that I haven’t already thought about, I will spend time on Pinterest or YouTube looking for inspiration – you can see what’s going to happen – an hour or two later, I will realise I got distracted and haven’t really achieved anything at all. Create a plan and execute, then give yourself time to relax.

Get outside of your comfort zone

It really is true, the best experience and most growth, come from when you leave comfort zone. Once you start doing it, you begin to chase those things that scare you. Honestly, why are we so afraid of the unknown? Start that business, launch the blog, book that plane ticket! You can thank me later 😊 Go and have an amazing 2020!

Which of these will be your main focus in 2020? What bad habits are you trying break this year?

6 habits that will change your life in 2020 - hayleyxmartin.com
These 6 habits will change your life in 2020 - hayleyxmartin.com
These 6 habits will change your life in 2020 - hayleyxmartin

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