6 Ways To Achieve Personal Growth This Year


Every year I always have the goal to better myself as a person. No one is perfect and we all have areas we can work on. Initially, I was going to write this post from the angle of embracing life’s changes. But why wait for life to force you to make a change when you can start right now?

Here are six strategies I know I use when I am thinking about setting goals and making changes in my life. All of these things work together, should you implement them, I am certain you will see positive changes.


This is a bit of an obvious one, but it is how you track and manage your goals that is going to help you achieve them.  Start out by thinking about your goals for the whole year, then break it down. Set timescales throughout the year of what you should have achieved and by when. If you are really determined to do something, be disciplined with it.


By writing down what you want to achieve, you are making your goal tangible. You are telling the universe exactly what it is that you want. Having written these things down, you will subconsciously work harder to achieve them.


There is no use making goals if you aren’t going to hold yourself accountable. If you let things slide, you will put things off and not end up being able to achieve your goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself but you do need to make sure you are disciplined in order to stay on track.


I believe it is so important to change our environment as we grow and change. Currently living with my parents, I like to change up my room. If you have your own place think about redecorating. There is something about having a good clean and getting rid of things we no longer need that motivates change within our lives. Our possessions often hold memories, sometimes it is necessary to get rid of these things in order for us to move forward to a new chapter in our lives. This could also fall in the form of making new friends or seeking a new job.


There are so many resources available these days that can help with the way we think and the way we live. All of which helps our mental and physical health. Take it upon yourself to read more blogs or books on self-help topics. It will broaden your mind and how you see things.


Most importantly, don’t forget to do the things that contribute to your happiness. Don’t make a load of goals that make it impossible for you to do things you enjoy. Regardless of your goals, make time for self-care. If you focus on maintaining a positive mindset, chances are you will take the steps necessary to stay on track with your goals.


 Are there any other strategies you use to help influence or deal with change?

Do you have any personal growth goals this year?