How To Start A Blog

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If you are reading this you probably already have an idea for a blog you wish create. Maybe you are generally interested in starting a blog but unsure which topic to go for. You will find a lot of information online with different people’s opinions on what they think works best and how to launch etc. Personally, I find this can leave you more confused, unsure where to start and worried that you aren’t doing it ‘the right way’. Truth is, no matter what advice you follow you are going to learn as you go along. My best advice is to JUST GET STARTED. To help guide you in the right direction, these are the basic things you need to consider when starting your blog. After you have followed these steps you will have a blog niche, branding and social media platforms ready to broadcast your content. The strategies you then use to build and grow your blog are completely up to you.

How To Start A Blog

Decide On Your Blog Niche/Topic

The first thing to decide on is your blog niche or topic. This is a decision that can become confusing when searching online for the best practice. You will find advice that will state that a blog must have a niche, whereas others will say that it is fine to talk about multiple topics. Personally, I believe that your blog is your own and if you want to talk about a number of different topics that interest you then go for it. As long as your readers know what to expect you should not have any problems. You could always decide later on to tailor your blog to talk about a specific topic. The fun part of writing a blog, is that you get to make that decision.

Choose a Blog Platform

There are many blog platforms to choose from. I’m not going to explain them all as I haven’t used them all myself. I would suggest having a look at other people’s blogs on different platforms, look up some YouTube tutorials and even sign up to get a feel of using the platform. I started on blogger, then once I had decided that I wanted my own domain I chose to migrate to and purchased hosting. This enables me to have full control over my blog.

Some of the blogging platforms:

  • Blogger
  • Squarespace
  • Tumblr
  • Wix
  •; Self – hosted

From the beginning you do not have to spend money, if you have never had a blog before, choose a free platform and find a free theme that you can customise. Get yourself familiar with writing content and promoting your blog. It is best to see if you enjoy it before going ahead and investing your money. This is the same when it comes to creating your content, you can take good images with a smartphone and I’m sure you have lots of props around your house that you can style your pictures with.

Blog Name & Branding

Take your time deciding on your blog name and branding. You want to decide on something that you will not get bored of over time. If choosing a niche, will your blog name reflect this? Likewise, if blogging about multiple topics, you don’t want your name to include something specific. I chose hayleyxmartin as it is suitable if I ever change my blog topic. Your brand will be fairly simple from the beginning but if you can, create a blog header and signature. If possible create yourself a colour scheme that ties in your graphics. I always think about branding as a personality, how you can portray your blogs personality through the use of graphics and colours etc. Think about your favourite blogs – I bet they have consistent branding and a theme. Linking into the next topic, be sure to check the availability for your chosen name on all relevant social media.

Social Media

Once you have chosen your name and have checked name availability. I would recommend going ahead and setting up the accounts straight away. Even if you are not going to use them all to begin with, secure the name so that you can in future.

Blogging tips:

The rest is pretty much up to you and how you choose to run your blog. Here are some general tips:

  • Think about a blogging schedule – It’s nice for your readers to know when to expect new content
  • Don’t compare yourself – focus on doing your own thing!
  • Find bloggers with the same niche and connect with them
  • Be nice to other bloggers and engage
  • Join groups/communities
  • Be yourself and always be genuine


I feel the blogging community should be a place where we can all reach out to other bloggers and ask for opinions or help. Unfortunately it isn’t always this way and some aren’t so nice or encouraging. If you are looking for advice or any help, I am more than happy to help, reach out to me on social media or send me an email at:

Good luck creating your blog!


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