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I have not been this excited to get a makeup product for such a long time. As you can guess by the title I purchased the Tartelette Vault by Tarte. Inside the vault is all of the Tartelette palettes, all in one package. Perfect if, like me, you do not already own any of the Tartelette palettes. I have taken the images in this post so that they showed as true to colour as possible, as I have seen some variations in the colours of these palettes in online pictures.

Tartelette Vault

I was trying to decide on just one Tartelette palette when I finally settled on the purchasing the vault. I was set on the Tartelette in Bloom but it was out of stock for ages. Meanwhile, I had seen lots of gorgeous photos and swatches of the Toasted palette. Even though it was getting some bad reviews because of the kickback of the eyeshadows, I still really wanted to try it myself. In all honesty, I hadn’t really considered getting the Tartelette original palette but it will be great for everyday natural looks and even to use for blending colours. The set was £90 which is a great deal for all three, as the palettes individually cost £41. Also Tarte were offering free International shipping.


A cool toned palette: 12 matte shades.


Tartelette In Bloom
A warm/neutral palette: 9 matte & 3 shimmer shades.


Tartelette Toasted
A warm palette: 7 matte & 5 shimmer shades.


The colours come out extremely rich on camera, particularly the shades simmer and fireside. The picture below shows the Toasted palette in true light. 


UK shipping from Tarte USA

I placed the order on Friday 3rd November at tartecosmetics.com. At the time of placing the order, I received an instant email confirmation of the order. Later in the day, I received another email announcing the order had been dispatched. Going back to when I placed the order it stated that International shipping was free over a certain amount, I think it was £40. It also said in the product description for the Tartelette Vault that Taxes & Duties were included. I had seen some reviews where people said they had to pay for customs once it got to the UK so I kept that in mind. I also couldn’t find much information on how long it would take to get to me. The information page on Tarte’s website detailing international orders didn’t seem to be working. I anticipated it would arrive in about two weeks.

UK Delivery Time

When you place an order you get sent a link to the tracking for your package, I found this really helpful and the tracking was updated a lot and kept me informed of where my package was. On Monday 6th November the parcel was in the UK and at Heathrow Customs. About 12 hours later the tracking was updated and I was notified it had cleared customs.  Either my parcel wasn’t stopped or charges were covered by Tarte, I am not entirely sure. On the 8th November, I was notified that the parcel was out for delivery with the courier and it arrived later that afternoon. I am really impressed with how quick it got here. The parcel arrived it quite a large box but was filled with plenty of air pillows. The palette itself was wrapped in Tarte tissue paper that had unicorns on it!


[L to R: Tartelette, Tartelette in Bloom, Tartelette Toasted]

I will be writing individual reviews on each of these palettes with swatches. Make sure you are following me to find out when these will be published.


Are you thinking about buying the Tartelette Vault or already bought it?

Do you own any of these or thinking of purchasing them?



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