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I never thought I would be writing a blog post reviewing an eyeliner that I love as much, possibly more than my holy grail L’Oreal Super Liner. I have been using the same eyeliner for years, as I had no problems with it, I never thought to change it. My main concern was that I may not get on as well with a different kind of applicator. This may not seem like a big deal, but I feel that eyeliner is a product that everyone has their own technique with. Also, there are many different styles of applicators from very thin brushes to thicker felt tip pens. All of these variables can effect your ability to apply the product, especially if you are used to using a specific style.  I am glad to report that I finally took the plunge and have actually found a product that I really love.


NYX Epic Ink Liner

When I first decided to purchase a new eyeliner from NYX, I was looking for the Matte Liquid Liner. As I heard this is a dupe for one of the Kat Von D liners. When I got to Boots I realised that the Matte Liquid Liner had a very thin brush. If you have seen the L’Oreal Superliner you will know that the brush on that is similar to a felt tip pen. I had a look through the other NYX liners when I found the Epic Ink Liner.


The Epic Ink Liner applicator is very similar to the L’Oreal Superliner, but is more of a brush than a felt tip. Before using it, I debating how much control I would have over it as the bristles could move on their own. The liner actually glides on really nicely and dries opaque, this colour lasts all day without needing to reapply. It is easy to create any look with this liner as you can apply different pressure and hold the pen at different angles to create the thickness of the line. I also found creating wings incredibly easy. This liner claims to be waterproof, when I swatched it on my hand it definitely took some scrubbing to remove it. If you are worried about the ease of removal, it comes of fine with micellar water, without tugging your eye.

NYX Epic Ink Liner – Cons?

The only downside I have found is the liner can separate into the lines in your skin. At first I thought this was going to be an issue in creating a smooth line. But I was able to draw over where the product had spread and it filled in the gaps. I have tried applying concealer on my eyelid first to stop it sinking into the lines which helped a little. This could be due to the formula of the product, if you imagine swatching an ink pen on your hand and how it spreads into the lines on your skin, this is how this looks on your hand. Not a major issue as you can get around it. I would consider this if you use eyeliner to draw very thin lines.

NYX Epic Ink Liner – Overall Thoughts

I would definitely repurchase the NYX epic ink liner again and am really happy with the product. L’Oreal Superliner would last me a good couple of months, so I am interested to see how long this liner will last. I purchased this liner for £9.00, which isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it has excellent colour payoff and lasts all day without needing to reapply. Check out the NYX Epic Ink Liner HERE.


Which liner is your favourite?

Do you notice a huge difference in high end liners e.g Kat Von D liners?


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