BlanX PRO Glossy White Toothpaste


If there is one thing I never get bored of trying and always want to buy the latest products on the market, it’s toothpaste. In fact, it’s any teeth whitening product. It’s safe to say I have tried the majority of the brands available. One of the brands I always come back to is BlanX. It was the first toothpaste I tried that was a little bit more expensive. Recently I had seen a lot of marketing online around their new line of toothpaste and of course, I had to try it out.

BlanX PRO Glossy White Toothpaste

Just in case you haven’t come across BlanX before, they are a brand that specialises in Non-abrasive whitening toothpaste. Some whitening treatments will damage your teeth enamel. With BlanX you can rest assured that you can use this toothpaste daily and benefit from whiter, healthy teeth. In the UK it is available in supermarkets and high street stores like Boots and Superdrug. There are three different variations in the BlanX PRO range. I opted for Glossy White as it contains micro-particles which helps fight stains. Pure White removes stains from the enamel surface and fights oral bacteria. Fresh White contains Zinc PCA which strengthens antibacterial action, counteracting halitosis for white teeth and fresh breath.

Pictured below, on the packaging you get a ‘BlanXometer’ so you can actually measure the whitening results. Being completely honest, this is on all of the BlanX packaging and I have never used it. If you have never used their products or any whitening products it will be really beneficial for you, so you can see if it is working. For me. I have areas of my teeth that tend to get more stained so I use this as a reference point for if a product is working.


Does it work?

I saw results in a couple of days of using this toothpaste – In general, I find my teeth react quickly to whitening products. Considering I drink a lot of coffee, BlanX always seems to do the trick in maintaining a white smile. I personally prefer the packaging of the original formulas, they have a very clinical aesthetic, which makes you feel like you are using a professional treatment. The new packaging is nice and it catches the eye but I always wonder if the stylish packaging is hiding an average product. I find my teeth are naturally pretty white, I always get questions on them and what products I use. I do feel that they can become yellow after some time of using standard toothpaste. For the past 5+ years, I have made sure to buy a whitening toothpaste. The brand I have reverted back to the most is BlanX.

The BlanX PRO Glossy White Toothpaste has really helped keep stains at bay and give my teeth more of an overall white tone. They aren’t as bright as if you had them professionally cleaned or used an intensive treatment. I think this is a great way to maintain healthy white teeth whilst looking after your budget. It’s beneficial to use daily whitening products to combat any teeth staining if like me you drink a lot of tea/coffee and you consume products that can stain your teeth.

The only negative comment I have about this toothpaste is the taste. It is minty and fresh but it also has a very strange aftertaste. The only way I can describe it is that it tastes like perfume. However, you do get used to it. I have had to stop using toothpastes before because the taste was really bad, but this wasn’t that bad. The results this product gives me, I am happy enough with the results to continue using it. I may opt for a different one next time, to see how they compare.

Worth the price?

BlanX standard range toothpaste is priced at £4.99 and the PRO range £5.99. I personally think the prices are reasonable as you are actually seeing results. Keep an eye out for them in shops as they do seem to go on offer fairly often. I end up buying them even when I don’t need another toothpaste.


If you are in the market for a teeth whitening product but are dubious as to what is going to work and what is worth money. I think for £5.99 it’s definitely worth a try. Or wait until you see it on offer and pick yourself up a tube, you have nothing to lose.

Have you tried any of the BlanX range – what are your favourite teeth whitening products?


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I am not affiliated with BlanX - I purchased this toothpaste and my opinion is based solely on the results from using the product.