5 Ways To Stay Productive Whilst Working From Home

October 25, 2017 in blogging

If you have made the leap and left your job to work from home, either for a company or through self-employment. Not going to a physical place of work is a huge change to adjust to. I want to share my main tips for maintaining a healthy, productive lifestyle whilst working from home. When at work, it feels like the absolute dream to be able to work from home. In reality, there are downsides to working from home, you must be self-disciplined, no one is there to check on you and push you along. But, this is also a huge benefit. These tips can generally be applied to most circumstances, for example, to manage your blog alongside working.


Five Ways To Stay Productive Whilst Working From Home
  1. Make a daily routine

    How many times have you had a very rushed morning, things are going wrong and you get stressed out. Throughout the rest of your day, everything seems to be going wrong. Sound familiar? In order to create a good positive mindset for a productive day, you need to create a daily routine and stick to it. This all starts in the morning, get up at the same time each day. Excercise if you can and then have breakfast and get ready to work. Set yourself distinct hours in which you work every day, this helps you distinguish work and your time off.

  2. Get motivated

    Before you dive straight into your workday, remind yourself what it is you are doing and what you are trying to achieve. Thinking about your end goal is going to make you want to get stuck into the tasks you need to achieve in that day. This is because you can see the bigger picture and what you will achieve by getting these things done. If you are self-employed, chances are you enjoy what you are doing. Reminding yourself of your end goal can help in times when you need to get a lot done and you start to feel stressed.

  3. Set yourself goals; monthly, weekly and daily

    Setting yourself goals is so much more important that you probably think. If you have no set plan for you what you need to complete and goals that are in line with your ultimate dream, you are never going to achieve anything. Our goals are what is going to take us from where we are right now, to where we want to be in future. The best way of organising this is subjective to the type of work you are doing. I generally would recommend monthly, weekly and daily goals. If you begin to feel a little lost have a quick look at your goals. Having them written somewhere or even on your phone or laptop, they should help to motivate you. Read my post about the importance of goals here.

  4. Tackle difficult tasks first

    This may be subject to your own working preference or type of work, especially if you have to do things in a certain order. But I feel that tackling the difficult tasks early on in the day when your mind is sharp and focused, will make things a lot easier for yourself. If you leave them till last you will find you procrastinate and dread that task all day. Whereas you can dive right in early on with a clear mindset and complete the task. Then you can move onto to the less taxing tasks.

  5. How do you work best? Be disciplined

    Ultimately it all comes down to knowing how you work best and being disciplined. If you find you work better in a quiet environment with no distractions then don’t work in front of the TV. Whereas if you find you work better with ‘background noise’ feel free to stick the TV on. It may take a little while for you to try different things in order to find what works best. Over time you will get into a rhythm, it is then down to you to ensure you don’t end up distracted.


If you have made the switch to working from home or even into self-employment, I would love to hear your experiences. What are your favourite ways to maintain productivity?


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