Motivation is bullsh*t

Don’t you just love when an idea sparks and you are bursting with creativity and motivation? It’s an amazing feeling, wanting to do things on your own free will. However, it’s not always like this and I think a lot of us fall short when these feelings aren’t there. I’m not here to point fingers, because I know I’m bad for doing this too. Also, don’t get me wrong you need to give yourself a break if you are feeling burnt out. However, how many times have you put something off purely on the basis of feeling unmotivated? Let’s discuss what you can do to help you push past this obstacle in future.

Motivation is bullsh*t

motivation is bullsh*t | hayleyxmartin

You will not be motivated all the time

It is unrealistic to expect yourself to be feeling motivated all the time. Whether it’s something you enjoy or not that needs to be done, at some point, you are going to struggle with feeling motivated. What you shouldn’t do is give in every time you feel this way. Have an honest reflection, have you been pushing too hard or are you just avoiding the task? It’s really helpful to think about your reason for doing something, building a better future, creating a brand that will change the world, whatever it may be! Those working ‘regular’ jobs, we all seem to manage to turn up to those day in, day out and I can guarantee we are not always ‘motivated’ when our alarms go off in the morning – yet somehow we still go there! So why isn’t it the same for other things in our lives?

Don’t take the easy route

‘if it was easy, everyone would be doing it’ – remember this when it comes to what you are trying to achieve. Whether it’s a blog or business, there are so many people that don’t do it, because it’s easy to work a job, come home, watch tv – maybe go to gym, then go back to work again. They are only held accountable for their job, in those working hours, then that’s it.

Self discipline

If you look up morning routines of entrepreneurs you will see a pattern in their habits. It’s easy to think, well they can get up every day at 5am and workout, however, I can’t. Well, you can, you just aren’t self disciplined enough to continue the habit. Or maybe the routine doesn’t have a solid purpose that’s makes you want to do it. This applies to many other things also. It’s so easy to give up when no one is holding you accountable for your actions. You have to learn to do things because you want to do them.

Learning to spark motivation

I really enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, ted talks – even exercising! All of these things have helped me suddenly get into that motivated mindset. Sometimes, you just have to start what it is that you want to do. If you start writing a blog post for 10 mins, chances are you will have lots of ideas and you will finish it. Maybe you will even end up writing multiple posts. The more we wait to feel motivated, the more it gets frustrating and the less likely you are going to be able to do get on with it. I have some ideas here to help bloggers.

Managing your time

When you look at school or work routines you can see there are timetables and scheduled to get things done and stay on track. This is a great way to fit things into your own time. After a while the tasks will become second nature, enough so that you don’t even question whether you feel motivated to actually do it. You are more aligned with the purpose behind your routine and what you are going to achieve from it.

How do you deal with lacking motivation? Do you find it stops you from progressing with things you need to get done?

why motivation is bullsh*t | hayleyxmartin
motivation is bullsh*t | hayleyxmartin
motivation is bullsh*t | hayleyxmartin
motivation is bullsh*t | hayleyxmartin
motivation is bullsh*t | hayleyxmartin

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