5 reasons why you need a Digital Detox

December 19, 2020 in Productivity, Self-Development

As we begin to wrap up 2020, I have been thinking about changes to my habits that can be implemented now, which will help me get a head start for 2021. In light of the new UK restrictions today and the reactions I witnessed on Twitter, it has me thinking that we could all do with switching off for the end of a difficult year. Here are 5 reasons why you need a digital detox.

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5 reasons why you need a digital detox | hayleyxmartin

5 reasons why you need a Digital Detox

Information overload

Feeling tired? it’s no wonder when you think about all of the information we consume throughout the day. If you pick your phone up first thing in the morning, your brain is instantly getting to work consuming a tonne of information. This is especially important during this pandemic. There is new information every day, from all kinds of sources. It’s a lot to take in. Especially when it impacts everyone’s wellbeing. You can significantly cut your screen time by replacing when you would scroll with other habits. For example, when you wake up, switch off your alarm, and do a workout instead of catching up on your phone.

You struggle to focus

Can you easily pick up a book and read for 30mins/1hr without reaching for your phone? When you find yourself getting distracted very easily, it’s time to start working on putting your phone away from you. Or allowing yourself to go on at certain times. This includes all devices, not just phones! How many times have you gone to look something up quickly, then before you know it half an hour has passed. It’s scary how quickly time passes when you slip into the endless void that is the internet.

You have no inspiration

I find that my best ideas spring up when I’m out and about, usually in nature. The inspiration you are wishing for will not come to you if your brain is preoccupied scrolling instagram. Don’t get me wrong, maybe you see something you like the look of, but it won’t be your own, it would just be an imitation of someonelses idea.

5 reasons why you need a digital detox | hayleyxmartin

The digital world is making you unhappy

Checking your screen time is a good way to keep track of how long you are spending on different apps. I find that when I am on my phone a lot, it starts to feel like the current moment in time is a blur. You look back at your week and think, other than work, what have I achieved? Too much time on Instagram can lead to a lot of comparison to others. You don’t need to know what everyone else is up to! Read: Illusion vs Reality | Comparing yourself to others.

Are you being present with those around you?

I think we are all guilty of having done this at some point. Someone is in the room with you, or even talking to you, but you have something on your phone that’s distracting you. This year really put in perspective valuing the time you have with people. You shouldn’t be distracted from them and you shouldn’t let them treat you like this either. Get into the habit of putting your phone/devices away. Enjoy the time you have with loved ones whilst you are able to. As we have found this year, the freedom of seeing others can be taken away from you.

You may be thinking, yes this is great, but how do I actually implement this? As I said earlier you can swap out when you would find yourself scrolling with other things. This will help you shake the habit of reaching for your phone. Then I would suggest trying a longer more intense detox. Once you are finished, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate who you are following and the kind of content you get on your feeds. You can turn your digital space into an encouraging and positive way to connect with like-minded people. What’s your biggest struggle with managing your time on digital devices?

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5 reasons why you need a digital detox | hayleyxmartin

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