Why I Started Blogging?

Whether a well established or a new blogger, I love reading why individuals decide to make a blog. Creating a blog is very personal, you write about your interests/opinions and you design it to be exactly how you want it to look. I find it interesting reading someones decision to start blogging and thought I would share my story so far with you.

Why I Started Blogging?

For a long time I have been reading other people’s blogs and watching YouTube channels. I have always thought why not make my own? We all have different interests and opinions, why not use a blog to create a voice to help others. Why a blog in particular? I grew up using websites like piczo, bebo & myspace. During this time I really loved designing my own graphics, choosing what content I wanted on my website and I started to learn HTML.

Before launching this blog at the beginning of 2017, I had one a few years ago on blogger. I didn’t have a clear vision with what I wanted to achieve from it. Plus I didn’t understand all the methods in order to grow my blog. At the beginning of this year I launched this site on blogger. I started by getting to terms with learning basic functions and increasing post frequency. After a little while I realised how much I was enjoying it and decided the next step was to buy a domain and also migrated my blog to wordpress.org. I will be writing a post on this in the near future!

Where I Found Inspiration to Start Blogging?

As I mention above, I have grown up with technology and have seen it evolve. Always taking the opportunity to learn new skills I have adapted as technology has changed. When I graduated university and started my first full time job, I would read alot of blogs. I liked to find out what people were purchasing, mainly makeup and skincare. In June 2017, I decided to leave my job, mainly because I felt it was affecting my mental health and life balance. I have a post on this here. In order to use my career break effectively, I set myself a couple of personal goals and things I wanted to work on. My blog being one of these things I wanted to invest my time into. Whilst working, my main complaint was not having enough time to do things for myself in regards to hobbies/building my own business, so i’m utilising this time I have now to really put my all into my passions.

How I Decided What To Write About

Once making the decision to go ahead and get started with a blog you need to decide what to write, when looking online about blog topics, there is alot of advice which will tell you to find a niche and only talk about a specific subject to your target audience. I agree with this as you can then devise strategies in order to reach a particular audience. On the other hand I believe in your blog being a creative outlet for what you want and your interests. In which I decided I would be a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog. Doing this I believe it will be less likely for me to lose interest in my blog. I can talk about latest fashion picks, my favourite beauty products and travel. I’m not limiting myself, I believe as long as your readers know what to expect, for example, talking about multiple topics, then I think it’s okay.

I am going to be writing a series of posts sharing what I have learnt from blogging and tips for growing your blog. Is there anything in particular you feel you would like to know more about? Leave a comment below!

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