Minnis Bay | Afternoon at the beach

July 2, 2017 in lifestyle, travel


This afternoon was so nice, I spent it over at Minnis Bay with my mum and sister. I have been feeling really happy lately, especially since I left my job – If you haven’t read my post, you can read it here. On Sundays I would usually be working so I really appreciate spending this time with my family. Don’t get me wrong I am beginning to wonder what is next for me but at the same time, I am really cherishing being able to spend my day how I wish to.

One thing I struggled with in my last job was work/life balance. On my days off I felt as though I would be worrying about having to go back to work rather than enjoying my day off. When I get back into a routine it will be my main focus to ensure I maintain a good work/life balance and go out and do new things in my spare time. I have a few questions for you – leave your answers in the comments:

  • Do you feel you utilise your time off?
  • Do you have a routine or do you go and do things you haven’t done before?

I challenge you to head out somewhere you haven’t been this summer. Go and spend quality time with your loved ones, turn off your phone and be fully present in the moment!


Minnis Bay, Birchington

If you live in the East Kent area, I recommend visiting Minnis Bay. You can grab something to eat from the local cafe’s. If you fancy it you can even take a bike ride over to Reculver. I love the atmosphere at Minnis Bay, it is very laid-back and you can always find somewhere secluded to relax. As I find the other beaches around Thanet can become quite busy. Stuck for something to do on a summer evening? Watch the sunset at Minnis Bay, it is gorgeous!

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