My Summer Skincare Routine & Favourite Products

hayleyxmartin | Summer Skincare Routine & Favourite Products

Whether you are staying home this summer or are headed away on holiday. I am sharing with you my best tips for caring for your skin throughout the warmer months. Plus I am going to run through my summer skincare routine and my favourite products.

Summer Skincare Tips

  • It is important to take extra care in summer to try and prevent sun damage and help skin recover.
  • Staying hydrated is key to healthy skin all year round. But is especially important in summer when our bodies require more fluids due to sweating and high temperatures.
  • Use SPF face cream, everyday. I use factor 50 for maximum protection. You never know if you are going to have prolonged exposure to the sun. Protecting your face will reduce damage and help prevent wrinkles.

Summer Skincare Routine

This routine is basic skincare and body care. It is based on a typical beach day – In which I would not be wearing makeup.

♡ Morning ♡

In the morning, I like to cleanse my face using Garnier Micellar Water. Having cleaned it the night before this should be enough just to remove any excess dirt. I then apply my face SPF, I do this everyday and not just in summer. At the moment I am using La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid. Once the SPF has sunk in I apply a mattifying moisturiser, Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser.

In the shower or bath I like to exfoliate my body, my favourite is Soap & Glory Scrub of your Life. I then apply body cream and let it sink in, my favourites are Palmer’s Shea Butter Body Lotion or Palmers Coconut Oil Lotion.

At the Beach

Apply sun cream before going out, at the moment I am using an SPF 10 cream from ASDA, which is working perfectly fine and smells like coconut. My other favourites are any from Piz Buin, they smell so good. Remember to reapply frequently – Especially if swimming/towelling

Drink lots of water – Stay hydrated!

Know your skin, if you burn easily be careful when out in the sun, don’t overdo it.

Night ♡

In an evening where I haven’t been wearing makeup, I like to quickly cleanse my skin and remove any excess oil, using Garnier Micellar Water. Once a week I like to treat my skin to a face mask. My favourites are Glam Glow Thirsty Mud or Super Mud and Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. I then apply moisturiser, I love Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Gel-Cream. For my body I always apply lots of after sun and leave it to sink in, if necessary I apply body cream for extra moisture.

The majority of the products mentioned you can purchase from boots or feelunique.


Do you do any specific for your summer skincare routine? What are your favourite products?

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