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What better way to celebrate the beginning of the cooler months than with a Halloween themed bath product. Lush products are really nice to use all year round, but if you are needing a little pick me up. Why not pick up some of their themed products. With a few weeks until Halloween, there is still a fair bit of time to get your hands on these products. Personally, I have my favourite products that I tend to repurchase when I visit Lush. Halloween & Christmas are the perfect seasons to try something different. Don’t forget these also make for really cute blog photography props!

I have had a look through the collection and am sharing with you some of the items that I like the look of. Beginning with my favourite lush product, bath bombs!

Pumpkin – Bath Bomb

This is an orange bath bomb, which I am sure you can guess, looks like a pumpkin. This bath bomb contains Vanilla Absolute and Cinnamon Bark Oil which is meant to replicate the smell of baking and Pumpkin Pie. The reviews also state that this has an Orange scent to it also.

Monsters Ball – Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a really cute purple monster. It reminds me of the Monsters Inc film. This is a great option for children and contains lime oil, giving the bath bomb a citrus scent.

Sparkly Pumpkin – Bubble Bar

These sparkly bubble bars look so cute. They will look great in your bathroom or if you use it for a blog photography prop. This bubble bar is an orange sparkly pumpkin and contains Grapefruit, Lime & Juniperberry oil.

Bewitched – Bubble Bar

This bubble bar is shaped like a black cat. Again, great for children or if you want to use it as a blog prop. I love the look of this one as it has a Blackberry scent and their Blackberry bath bomb is my all time favourite.

Pink Pumpkin – Bubble Bar

A twist on the classic pumpkin, this one is pink! This bubble bar contains Geranium Oil, Bergamot Oil & Jasmine Absolute creating a floral scent.

Magic Wand Soap

I chose to include this one as it’s something different to what I would normally choose. I don’t usually choose citrus soaps but this looks really nice. This contains Pomegranate Molasses, Orange Oil, Tangerine Oil & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I love the fact that this has coconut oil, it will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised.


Have you tried anything from the Lush Halloween collection this year?

Which items are your favourites?


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