W E L C O M E // 2017 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A new year is always a great time to make a change or start something new in your life.
This year i have decided to re-launch my blog, of course i have other goals i am aiming to achieve, i feel that blogging is a great way to quickly get started, eliminating the reason we fail in the first place. I love watching YouTube and reading blogs, but i have found that most of the people i follow aren’t relatable. I would like to see people giving advice who are actually in similar situations themselves, i.e living on budgets, saving money, managing time effectively, balancing work and life etc. I will be posting on alot of different topics from fashion and beauty to cars, games and lifestyle advice.

2016 was branded a turbulent year for alot of people. It’s important when reflecting on the year to not forget the positives; what did you accomplish? maybe you tried something new, or travelled somewhere you have always wanted to go? what are you grateful for?

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My 2016 highlights include:
Completing my graduate scheme and being promoted.
In Top 25 South East & London Sales Elite Club (July).
Moving to a new location at work.
Travelled to Venice.
Visited Birmingham Bull Ring shopping centre and Warwick Castle on a spontaneous weekend away.
Don’t sell yourself short, recognise your achievements and plan your next steps!
What goals did you complete last year and what are you planning to achieve this year?
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