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This is a follow up to yesterdays post on the new free Sims 4 content update. I will be briefly sharing what has been added to the game – maybe you are considering buying it. I won’t go into everything in huge detail as it’s fun to discover the new features yourself.

Toddler Traits:

When your sim ages up you get to choose one trait, as with adults it alters the sims personality:
  • Wild – These toddlers are full of energy, love to explore and get sad if they haven’t been outside in a while.
  • Clingy – These toddlers are shy and will tend to avoid sims outside of the household. They are needy and recover from bad moods faster when comforted.
  • Charmer – These toddlers love to socialise, even if the sim is a stranger. They can share the love with other sims.
  • Inquisitive – These toddlers are curious and love to learn. Their mood will decrease if they haven’t learn anything in a while.
  • Fussy – These toddlers are troublemakers, they will cry and throw tantrums. They love being noticed and will reduce negative moodlets.
  • Angelic – These toddlers are easygoing and they will easily talk to strangers. The opposite to a fussy toddler – they will never throw a tantrum.
  • Silly – These toddlers love to tell jokes and be playful. They are goofy and curious.
  • Independent – These toddlers love their freedom and require less attention than others. They do not like to take orders from caregivers.


New Interactions:



I am quite glad toddlers have been added after the initial game launch as there are alot of new features and interactions. The producers have said previously they kept the game fairly basic in order to focus on the detailing. Some of these new features did not exist in Sims 3 – such as being bathed and there are lots of options for toddlers to eat/drink. Toddlers begin being able to walk around – as in Sims 3 you had to teach them. The option to teach them to talk still exists. Toddlers are now able to be taught using flash cards about animals and basic needs. Options may change as sim develops skills, this is what I have found initially when playing the new update.


Create-A-Sim & Build/Buy:


Toddlers are a new life stage in Sims 4, the update adds all appropriate items in CAS; outfits, skin, hair etc. New to all life stages are choices of teeth – your sims are now able to have different style/shape teeth, they can even have braces. A new addition to build/buy is a tablet toddlers can use to draw, play and watch videos. There is a whole section within the rooms build/buy mode where you can browse all the new toddler items. As you can imagine there are also new wallpapers etc.
I am impressed with the update so far. I will definitely get a lot of use out of these interactions as all my games end up with having children and starting families etc. Have you played this update – what are your thoughts?

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