April 2017 – Life Update: NYC 17, Last Minute Calais Visit & Upcoming Posts

April 15, 2017 in lifestyle

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are well and have time off over this bank holiday weekend. Life has been extremely hectic since I have been back from New York City. As I said previously I will be posting what we did each day, it was a great trip. I am looking forward to sharing with you what I purchased whilst on holiday, quite a few items that I have wanted for quite some time. Since being back I have been really busy with work, this and a change in personal circumstances has meant I am not spending alot of time at home. I would like to have new posts pre-planned so that I am able to stick to a schedule regardless of what is happening in my life.

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive over to France for work – A last minute issue mean’t seven of us had to go to our depot in Calais. It was a great way to experience driving in France for the first time, as there were seven of us driving, we were able to follow each other. I would to love to have a job which consists of frequent travel – I love it and try to take any opportunity to do so.

hayleyxmartin // instagram

What are your plans this bank holiday weekend?

Please leave any post requests below.


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