New York City 2017 – Day 3: One World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge

April 26, 2017 in travel
Hi Everyone,
This is part three of my holiday to New York City – If you have read my previous posts – You can read the others here: DAY 1DAY 2.
We woke up this morning and it was sunny, such a relief after the past two days being rainy and overcast. We had already decided we would spend today downtown at One World Observatory, 9/11 Memorial and Statue of Liberty. We had breakfast at Tick Tock diner, that is situated in our hotel. I had strawberry pancakes and a latte, it was nice to eat some fruit for a change!

hayleyxmartin | Tick Tock Diner, New York - Strawberry Pancakes
Tick Tock Diner – Wyndham New Yorker Hotel – Strawberry Pancakes

After breakfast, we took the subway downtown to Chambers Street and headed to One World WTC. The subway operates differently to the London Underground and can be fairly daunting at first, but once you have used it a couple of times it is pretty straightforward. My main tip is to remember which line you need and which direction you are heading and you will be fine. I had an app on my phone of the subway map. We begun by visiting the 9/11 Memorial, the feeling you get here is indescribable. I felt I took in so much more information of everything in the memorial this time around. You can read more about this in my post from the first time I visited – read it here.

hayleyxmartin | Oculus Station, New York
Oculus Station
Once we left the museum we went into Oculus Station, this place is amazing, pictures do not do it justice, you have to see for yourself. From here we went into One World Observatory, again I described this in my post from my first trip. I would advise it can get pretty busy up there with everyone taking pictures, just be patient and take your time up there, take everything in, after all there is no time limit that you can stay.


hayleyxmartin | One World Observatory - New York
View from One World Observatory, New York
It was an absolutely beautiful day after we left the observatory. We walked over to battery park and made our way to the Statue of Liberty cruises, it was quite a long line, but still fairly early in the day so we waited and got on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Last time we only stayed on the boat, but i definitely recommend getting off and having a look around if you have time. We only had time for 1 stop, so we weren’t able to see Ellis Island. We had lunch at the Statue of Liberty and walked right the way around it, the views are incredible of lower Manhattan.


hayleyxmartin | Statue of Liberty & Lower Manhattan
Statue of Liberty & Lower Manhattan
hayleyxmartin | Lower Manhattan - Battery Park & One World Trade Center
Lower Manhattan – Battery Park & One World Trade Center
Once back to battery park we walked through Wall Street and onto Water St. I knew I definitely wanted to walk over Brooklyn Bridge and wasn’t sure how far away it was from where we were. We carried on walking and finally saw the bridge in the distance. At this point in the day I was already pretty tired from walking, but since it was such a nice day we decided to walk over the bridge. After having seen so many pictures, it was fantastic to be there

hayleyxmartin | Brooklyn Bridge - Lower Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge – Lower Manhattan
Instagram: hayleyxmartin | Brooklyn Bridge
Instagram: hayleyxmartin | Brooklyn Bridge
It took us a while to find a subway station to get back – as not all of them sell metro cards, we found one in the end and went on a different line to the one we came out on which brought us back even closer to our hotel. We came out in Penn station, which was kind of cool, as we didn’t intentionally plan to do so. This is why I love to only briefly have a plan – you will find everything and more unexpectedly and is all part of the fun of travelling.
I hope you enioyed this post,
Check back tomorrow at 9am for the final part of my holiday!


  • Ayana June 25, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    The lower Manhattan view is gorgeous!

    • HAYLEYXMARTIN_22 June 25, 2017 at 7:51 pm

      Most definitely one of my favourite cities!

  • Natalie Benton June 25, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    I love NYC. I went when I was 16 but my partner has never been so we’re hoping to go for New Years one of these years. I’ve always wanted to be in Times Square for NYE! Great post 🙂

    • HAYLEYXMARTIN_22 June 25, 2017 at 7:54 pm

      WOW! yes you have to do it, looks amazing on NYE! Check out Brogan Tate on YouTube – she has an excellent vlog when she was there at NYE!

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