How To Plan Months Of Content, Quickly!

June 21, 2019 in grow your blog

The key to staying consistent with your blog is planning ahead of time. This is critical if you are away travelling or just find you are struggling to create content week by week. Whether you want to schedule content or are struggling to come up with ideas, these tips will help you get past that stumbling block!

How To Plan Months Of Content, Quickly!

Create A Blog Post Calendar

You can get creative with this or just make a list with your post dates and fill it in. You could begin with making a note of what kind of topic category you will post on certain dates, then plan more in depth from there. Fill in each of the dates with your post title or a rough subject idea. You will be surprised with how many ideas you come up with!

Brainstorm By Topic

This is the best way to get your ideas flowing if you have literally no idea on what to post at all. Make a list of your categories and brainstorm notes from here. You can make it easier for yourself by thinking strategically, if you are doing reviews – what have you bought recently that you can talk about? Or are there any highly anticipated products launching soon?

Allocate Time In Your Week

If you specifically allocate time in your schedule to work on content you shouldn’t have any issues staying consistent. You just need to battle getting distracted! I find having a post or two pre-scheduled really helps in those times where life happens and you don’t have enough time to get content ready.

Spend A Morning Or Afternoon Taking Photos

Always struggle to get that perfect lighting? Take lots of images at once – THIS SAVES SO MUCH TIME! It is also perfect for when you want to quickly get a post written up. Your images are already there and ready to go!

Quick Draft Content

Once you have your calendar planned out, you can start getting ahead with your posts. I like to plan out the general idea in a notebook. These points will take me back to my original train of thought, even if I come back to it later!

Do you have a blog content process or do you create it as and when you can? Is there a particular area that you struggle to keep organised and well planned?

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