My Favourite Holidays – So Far!

hayleyxmartin | FAVOURITE HOLIDAYS

Recently I have really been thinking about where I want to travel to next. This got me reminiscing on all the holidays I have been on so far and places that I have travelled to. This is just my top five, mostly long-haul (bucket list style) holidays.

Los Angeles, USA


I visited LA for Christmas 2006 and 2008, I absolutely loved it and really want to plan another trip back. Both visits we went to Disney, Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry Farm. In 2006 we also visited San Diego and went to Sea World, we also stopped by Santa Monica pier very briefly – I would love to go back here. In 2008 we visited Six Flags Magic Mountain and included a 1 night visit to Las Vegas. Both holidays we visited for two weeks, there is alot more that we did but it would make this post far too long. [Image sourced from]

Las Vegas, USA


I visited Las Vegas in 2008, I was only there for 1 night as part of the trip to LA. We drove out which takes 5 hours and you are literally in the middle of nowhere, quite cool. Once there we walked down the strip, it is such a surreal place. I recommend visiting the Stratosphere is has such an amazing view. Being 15 at the time I would definitely like to go again and experience the nightclubs and casinos. [Image Sourced at]

New York, USA

hayleyxmartin | NYC

I have been to New York twice, once in October 2015 and March 2017. If you have been reading my blog a little you may have read these already, but you can read the posts on these visits here. My visit this year enabled me to see the things I didn’t get time to see on the first trip. It is an amazing city, I would happily go again. Keep an eye out for my future post on my favourite NYC landmarks.

Venice, IT

hayleyxmartin | VENICE

I visited Venice last summer, it is an absolute dream. I only went for a couple of days but it was enough time to see all the landmarks and eat loads of pizza and gelato. I would recommend a visit to Venice for anyone, it is a really nice relaxing holiday with gorgeous sights. You can read my 3 day Venice itinerary here.

Paris, FR


I visited Paris for a day back in 2013 (I believe) and absolutely loved the city. I managed to plan the day just right being able to see all the landmarks I wanted without using any transport. I would love to go back again and go up the Eiffel Tower, it would also be cool to visit Disneyland Paris. The last time I went to Disney Paris was in 2000! Keep an eye out for an upcoming post detailing my 1 day Paris itinerary. [Imaged sourced at]


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and has possibly given you some holiday inspiration.

What are your favourite places that you have been to?