Self Care September | FREE Downloadable Workbook

A new month is a fantastic time to set yourself new goals and challenges. September is a great month to make a fresh start. It is the start of the new season and you have four months left in the year. Have a think about what you set out to achieve this year, if you are a little off track, just know it is not too late to turn it around. Self-care September is all about coming back to basics and putting yourself first. I believe this is an area that we can easily fall behind with and before we know it, we are feeling in a bit of a rut.


Who doesn’t love a freebie? Go ahead and download your workbook and you can get started right now. Use the goals sheet to write down realistic things you want to achieve this month. Once complete, use the daily planner to work towards these goals. In order to succeed, you must set yourself smaller daily goals and tasks. This workbook has been made with versatility in mind, meaning your focus can be on anything you want. It could be for blogging, fitness or maybe your own project. Or maybe you want to combine a multitude of things. If you are someone that likes change gradually or to jump in and make big changes all at once, this is the workbook for you.

I challenge you to complete your daily planner every single day and at the end of the month, you can reflect on what you have achieved. If you find this workbook helpful, please reach out and let me know. If you find it useful I might make more workbooks.

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