Trek America | 30&31: Jackson Hole & Grand Teton

October 8, 2019 in travel, Trek America 2019

Now that we were starting to head east again we had some serious ground to cover. It took us all day to arrive in Jackson Hole. The next day we would be hiking Grand Teton, so the long drive is definitely worth it!

*On May 29th 2019, I travelled with Trek America on their Grand Trek tour for six weeks around the USA. We began in New York, travelling south to the West Coast, then North back to the East Coast. I am not affiliated with Trek America. Read all my Trek America posts here. *

I really enjoyed reading in the van, usually I am easily distracted by things going on around me. When everyone was quiet it was a great time to get stuck into a book.

Perrine Bridge

Located in Twin Falls, Nevada, Perrine Bridge is the eighth highest bridge in the USA. In 1974, Evel Knievel attempted his Snake River Canyon jump to the east of the bridge. Perrine bridge is a popular BASE jumping site known all over the world.

The picture below was found on a very short trail from where we stopped for lunch. Unfortunately, I have no idea where this was.

Idaho Potato Museum

I wonder how many people can say they have visited a potato museum? ? Yes, this museum is dedicated to the history of the potato.

They had this huge collection of Mr Potato Head ?

Sunset in Grand Teton

We had an evening drive out to view Grand Teton, as we didn’t arrive at the campsite until fairly late in the day. Seeing this view at sunset was so nice though.

Hiking in Grand Teton

Only four of us went for a hike in Grand Teton. We followed a trail so far and then decided that actually it was probably a bit too ambitious. Having hiked for quite some time already and we were all running out of water and food, we decided it was best to head back.

We had to wait to be picked up, so in the meantime we tried to find somewhere that sold food. We saw what looked like an ice cream truck, however, this turned out to be an information desk – disappointing! So we just used the toilets and filled up our water… when we came back outside, there were rangers moving everyone out of the area because a bear was there. It was SO close!

Only in the USA…

Our leader asked us if it was okay if her friend came and stayed with us. To which our group decided it was fine, if he brought moonshine and a flamethrower…to which he did…this would never happen in the UK ?

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Let me know if you have any questions regarding Trek America or the places we visited ?

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