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March 20, 2017 in beauty
Today I am talking about the chore all of us hate doing – CLEANING OUR MAKEUP BRUSHES and if you already do clean yours, i’m sure you are thinking – I don’t do it often enough. I was most definitely like this until a few months ago when I purchased Pro Hygiene Brush Cleanser – read my haul here. I was dubious before trying the cleanser about the results or how easy it would make the process but I was extremely surprised. I have found it works best for smaller eye brushes – dirtier brushes require a little more work and I prefer to use extra antibacterial on them.
I use:
  • Pro Hygiene Brush Cleanser
  • Paper Towel / Face Wipe
  • Anti Bacterial Hand-wash or Baby Shampoo
  • Hand Towel
Firstly I fill up my sink with hot water and put in my beauty blender and any other heavily dirty brushes to soak. I then gather the rest of my brushes that need cleaning and a paper towel or face wipe, I find both work well – try a paper towel first so you don’t waste face wipes. I take each brush and spray it once or twice with the cleanser and then swirl it into the paper towel until there is no residue. When researching the cleanser online I saw a video where they tipped out the cleanser into a dish, but I felt this was wasting more than I needed to use. The cleanser removes all the product and the bristles returned to their natural colour – I was struggling with this when using baby shampoo. As I complete each brush I set it to dry on a towel. I complete this until I have finished all the smaller brushes. I then go back to the brushes I put in my sink – I rinse them under running water using anti-bacterial soap – If there is still makeup in them I will then use the cleanser and repeat swirling on a paper towel and then set it to dry.
I saw some recommendations online to mix olive oil into the cleanser mixture – I did this and my brush stayed oily for a few days afterwards and did not pick up product such as powder. A bit of a nightmare for someone with oily skin – lesson learnt – I may have used too much in the mixture. If you are investing in brushes you should take care of them, If you aren’t cleaning them they are becoming full of product and debris from your skin which is then making the brush dry consequently irritating your skin.
I can honestly say I have been cleaning my brushes once a week and I try to spot clean any brushes that get very dirty as I use them – for example my foundation brush gets dirtier than the others. I will definitely repurchase this cleanser as it has taken the pain out of having to sit and clean every brush.I challenge you to start a brush cleaning routine – your skin will thank you for it.

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