Bath and Body Works Haul | New York City 2017

hayleyxmartin | Bath & Body Works Haul
Hey Everyone!
This is the final New York City related post, I can’t believe it was almost two months ago now. If you haven’t read my posts on the trip take a look: DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4SEPHORA HAUL
Before going on holiday I had already decided I was going to visit Bath & Body Works. We don’t have any in the UK and I didn’t know about them on my previous trips to the USA. When I first started looking around It was quite overwhelming – there were so many products & ranges/scents, having never been to B&BW before I didn’t really know where to start. The fragrance mists and body lotions were on a special deal when you bought five, I finally chose:
Body Lotion:
At the beach
Fragrance Mist:
At the beach
Bali Blue Surf
Waikiki Beach Coconut
Oahu Coconut Sunset
I have purchased similar items to this from Victoria’s Secret – I prefer the B&BW scents, they have more choice and they seem to change the scents each season. The scents last a long time and I feel these do a nicer job of ‘misting’ when spraying than the VS ones. Lastly I had to pick up the hand sanitizer gels as I have seen them everywhere online – these were on an offer also when you buy six. I purchased the scents:


Vanilla Buttercream
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Fiji White Sands
Bali Coconut Cove
Honolulu Sun
Need Vacay
What are your favourite Bath and Body Works products?
If you live in the UK have you found a good way to ship them internationally?
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