Easy Halloween Facial Wound SFX Makeup

If you have plans this Halloween but still haven’t decided on your outfit. Here is a pretty easy way to create a facial wound. It is an effective way to transform your outfit if you are heading to a last minute party. This wound is simple to create but also looks like you spent a lot of time creating it.

You Will Need:

  • Liquid Latex
  • Fake Blood
  • Tissue
  • Red & Black cream face paint or similar product
  • Red/purple makeup products to add depth
  • Makeup Brush/Sponge/Applicators
Step 1:

Apply a layer of liquid latex to the desired area that you wish to place your wound. I applied this with a makeup brush to ensure it was even. Make sure to wash your brush straight away so the product doesn’t dry on your brush.

Step 2:

Place tissue directly on the liquid latex. Separate your tissue and apply 1 ply.

Step 3:

Repeat step 1 and 2 until you are happy with the texture.

TIP: As you build up the layers apply the liquid latex outside of your original placement. This will help it look more realistic. You will then need to leave it to dry for about 15 minutes; a hairdryer can speed up the process.

Step 4:

Once the latex is dry you will need to create a slit throughout the center to create the cut of the wound. Be very careful with whatever object you choose to cut through the latex. I used scissors.

Step 5:

Cover your wound with foundation so that it blends in with your skin. The foundation may look yellow, if you apply a powder on top it should even out the tone.

Step 6:

In the slit you have created in the center of the wound you want to place deep red/purple colours. You can use cream face paint or use any makeup product that has the desired colour.

Step 7:

Taking the red cream face paint use a sponge to apply the product on the rest of the wound. To make this look realistic you want to make sure this is applied rough and you are not being too neat. Depending on your placement of the wound, take into account where the blood would naturally run for example, down your neck.

Step 8:

Use different shades to create depth on your wound. For example, I mixed black cream face paint in the opening of the wound to give the cut some depth.

Step 9:

Apply fake blood to your wound. You may want to alternate this step with the previous one to achieve your desired look. I found that applying this with several different applicators created a realistic effect.



There you have it, an easy facial wound. I created this on my first attempt at Halloween SFX Makeup. All you need is a kit that has the products in or you could buy the items individually. Supermarkets sell these kits for a couple of pounds around Halloween. If you are on a tight budget but still need to dress up, this is a great option.  This look is easy to achieve because the messier you are the better it will look, so have fun with it!

Have you got plans on Halloween or did you celebrate this weekend?


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    • Hayley @ hayleyxmartin.com October 30, 2017 / 10:07 am

      I really struggled to find a proper costume, to be honest, I never usually do anything or dress up for Halloween. This is a really simple way to transform an outfit into a Halloween look. As the night went on and the wound dries more it creates a bumpy horrible texture – intensifying the look. xx

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