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This is my final blogger feature in my blogger spotlight series. Hopefully, you can find some new blogs to follow and lots of inspiration. How often do you we go out of our way to tell someone that we enjoy their work? This is something I wish I saw more amongst the blogging community instead of the negativity that sometimes occurs. I challenge you to compliment someone the next time you enjoy their content, even if it is just a comment or a simple tweet. I have really enjoyed writing these and sharing some positive vibes with those creators whom I really enjoy reading and exploring their content.

ZombieGoddess Beauty

ZombieGoddess Beauty is written by Cassie, despite the name of her blog she writes about a lot of different topics. This is part of the reason I love her blog, she shares all of her interests. Which I feel is exactly what blogs should be. Some of her topics include; fashion, beauty, TV, movies, games, travel, DIYS and blogging. Not only does Cassie’s blog feature her gorgeous photography but she is a really talented graphic designer. Blog graphics are available for you to purchase on her blog, all are different prices which you can find here. Cassie shares so many blogging tips and tutorials throughout her blog. She went further with this and decided to create the GirlsWhoBlogRT twitter account which expanded to a whole separate blog.


Check out the account and follow here. You can tag @GirlsWhoBlogRT in your posts and they will share them for you. I find some accounts don’t always RT, but I pretty much always get a response this one. RT accounts are so helpful for new bloggers, they help you gain exposure. If you don’t put your content out there, no one is going to read it. The schedule for Twitter chats and threads is as follows:

Sundays: Chat at 3-4PM EST // 8-9PM BST (Bi-weekly)

Mondays: Comment Swap at 3-5PM EST // 8-10PM BST

Tuesdays: BlogLove Thread at 3-5PM EST // 8-10PM BST

Wednesdays: Social Swap at 3-5PM EST // 8-10PM BST

Thursdays: YT Love Thread at 3-5PM EST // 8-10PM BST

Comment Swap at 3-5PM EST // 8-10PM BST

The GirlsWhoBlogRT blog can be found here. I highly recommend bookmarking the account, there are so many useful resources on there. Whether you are a new blogger or are looking for something specific I’m sure you will find helpful information on this blog.


Check out Cassie’s blog here and the GirlsWhoBlogRT blog here.


Let me know if you have enjoyed this series, I am thinking about possibly continuing it! Leave a comment with something nice you have done for another blogger recently.


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