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Every Sunday in October I am going to be introducing some of my favourite bloggers. Some of which you may have heard of before, but hopefully I can help you meet new bloggers. These are bloggers that put alot of hard work into their blogs and are very talented. For each one, I will explain what I love about their blog.

Thirteen Thoughts 

Thirteen Thoughts is a beauty and lifestyle blog written by Paula. I can’t remember how I came across her blog but the first thing that grabbed me was the quality of her photography. All of her images are a similar theme and this is consistent with her entire blog colour scheme. The tone of her pictures create a very luxurious feel and the flat lays are perfect. Paula offers lots of blogging advice and guides. You can download 10 free stock images and a list of self care ideas by signing up to her newsletter. I love when I see talented bloggers passing their knowledge to others and I like reading blogs that write about several different topics that the blogger is passionate about.

What made me love Paula’s blog even more was that she shares very real posts and doesn’t try to portray a ‘perfect life’. She is very honest in sharing her struggles. I am not a fan of blogs that try to create a perfect persona, I want to read content from people I can relate to. You can tell that Paula puts alot of time into her posts, they are always of high quality. It isn’t content that has been put together quickly, it has been well thought out.

As a blogger I believe that it is important to interact with your audience. Use your blog to create a conversation and actually have a discussion with your readers. Yes it takes time to create content, but it also takes time for people to read it and comment. I hate it when I take the time to comment on someone’s post for them to never actually acknowledge this. Paula has always replied to my comments which I appreciate as it is very time consuming when you receive lots of comments.


Check out Paula’s blog here and go and say hello!


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