Things to do | Autumn 2017

As much as I love Summer, I really enjoy Autumn. There are so many nice things about this season; colourful leaves, cosy jumpers, wrapping up in a blanket, fluffy socks, and hot chocolate to name a few. I prefer Autumn over Winter as you can really enjoy the season without it being too cold.  Here are things you can do throughout this Autumn. Ideas for those who want to stay warm inside and for those who don’t mind venturing out in the cooler months.

Stay Cosy Indoors:

  • Read a book
  • Start a new TV series
  • Take a bath
  • Find a new hobby
  • Workout at home
  • Enjoy a hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows
  • Bake
  • Learn something new online
  • Got a laptop or games console? Get a new game!
  • Clean your room/house and light a scented candle
  • Reorganise or decorate your home
  • Experiment with hot drinks; I like trying different syrups
  • Start a new project
  • Watch Horror films
  • Make yourself some goals

Autumn Adventures:

  • Go for a walk; in the woods, park or along the beach
  • Visit somewhere new
  • Have a weekend away
  • Go out for a meal / try a new restaurant
  • Take a long drive
  • Go to a fireworks display
  • Visit a tourist attraction
  • Visit a coffee shop
  • Go pumpkin picking
  • Look up local events
  • Visit a theme park for Halloween attractions e.g; Thorpe Park/Alton Towers
  • Start planning and booking Winter days out; Christmas Markets/Winter Wonderland


Cooler temperatures doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay indoors! I love going for walks throughout Autumn and even into Winter, just remember to wrap up and bring extra layers of clothing. If you are someone that prefers to stay warm, try and think of all those things you never get round to. Make a to-do list for when it’s cold and raining then work through your list.

So far I have already been for walks along the beach and I went to the woods last weekend. I will be going to Brands Hatch to watch the fireworks, I have only been to Leeds Castle before so I am looking forward to that. I will also be visiting Thorpe Park to go in the Halloween mazes, they are always good fun.

Do you have any different ideas for this Autumn? Have you already got anything planned?


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  1. Avatar October 8, 2017 / 8:09 am

    Oh I love fall! It’s my absolute favorite season. I love walking or driving around seeing the gorgeous golden leaves, wearing my favorite staples (cardigans, scarves, boots), drinking hot comforting coffee drinks (especially pumpkin spice latte)…and of course my birthday is this month!


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