Sims 4 Cats & Dogs | First Impressions

Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

If you are a fan of The Sims game franchise you are probably aware that the new Cats & Dogs expansion pack has been released today. I am going to run through some of the new features and my overall thoughts on this expansion. Lastly, I am going to share if I believe this expansion pack is worth purchasing or not. Please consider my current opinions on the game are what I have discovered so far, these views may change over time. Also, for the sake of those wanting to buy it, I am not going to go through everything in lots of detail, so that you still have things to discover yourself.

Sims 4 Cats & Dogs | First Impressions

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

New Neighbourhood – Brindleton Bay

Brindleton Bay is a coastal town and a new neighbourhood that comes with the Cats & Dogs expansion. I personally love this neighbourhood everything is a bit more open and seamless. You can walk quite far from your lot before you need to load a new location. I also like that you can bring your pets to these locations with you. Pets will also free roam and wander off by themselves – don’t worry them come back.

Become a Vet

The only way I experienced this side of the game was by buying the Vet clinic in Brindleton Bay. For me, it is very similar to how the doctor career path worked where you are helping patients in the Hospital. Personally, I don’t like playing this way, you can’t do a lot in one day and before you know it your Sim has been there for 12 hours and neglected all their needs. I will try again with this in future though for sure. Maybe even try building my own clinic from scratch.


Create A Pet Tool

I didn’t focus on this part of the game too much, to be honest, I barely scratched the surface on using the customisation options. There are so many options to customise your pets. I like that you have to ability to completely customize your pet rather than get a random one every time. You can create a pet this way or adopt one using the computer and you can choose a randomly created pet.

Bond & Interact with your pet

I have really enjoyed discovering all the new ways to interact with cats & dogs so far. Also, just like humans, the pets have their own personalities too. There are loads of interactions, all of which affect the relationship with your pet. There are also lots of different commands you can teach them.


Overall First Impressions

Personally, I have been looking forward to this expansion being released since the fourth generation of The Sims was made. I believe that if you are a lover of cats or dogs and have pets of your own, you will most likely enjoy this addition to your game.

I experienced one glitch whilst played and a couple of delayed interaction, nothing unbearable. The game did crash twice over the space of about 8 hours of gameplay. My game never usually crashes, but it could be because I run the game on a laptop and I have had it for quite a while now. Also, when a new expansion is released the game will be updated and it will fix bugs in the game. Therefore, I am not too worried about the game crashing, for now.

Having played this pretty much all day, oops, it is safe to say I have definitely enjoyed it. Plus there are still lots of different things that I haven’t been able to try or use. I will most likely create a pet for every family I make in future, so this pack has definitely been worth it in my opinion. If you only like to buy a few of the expansions, I would definitely recommend this one. I love the expansions that add a different element to your everyday game and things you will use all the time. It all really depends on what you like to do in your Sims games. I feel that if you got this expansion pack you wouldn’t be disappointed.


If you don’t play games on a PC or laptop, The Sims is being released on Xbox and PlayStation on the 17th November. I don’t think it will include pets straight away, but they will be periodically adding new content. 


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