Primark Homeware Haul


I recently went and did a little bit of shopping for homeware accessories. I had a space I wanted to put a couple of things in my bathroom. Of course, being a blogger I wanted items that I could also use in my blog photography. I had a browse in pretty much everywhere that sells anything home related. I found Primark homeware to have the best selection of what I was looking for. Also, you can’t argue with the prices! Home trends can change fairly often so I think it’s great to buy cheaper items that you can switch out fairly often. I was specifically looking for faux plants, Primark had the best ones that didn’t look too obviously fake.


Primark Homeware Haul:

– Left to Right – 
Black pot faux plant                            £ 2.00
Marble style pot faux plant                 £ 4.00
Sea Salt Mist Candle                             £ 1.00
White pot faux plant                            £ 2.00
Patchouli and Tonka Bean Candle        £ 3.00


The candles smell really good. I am interested to see how strong the scents are when burning and how long they will last. Primark had loads of different scents to choose from. If I’m happy with them, I will definitely be purchasing more. Even if they aren’t that great from the burning perspective, they are still a great buy for styling blog photos. If you are looking for blog props or room accessories definitely have a look in Primark.


I would love to pop up to Primark lakeside to see if they have a bigger home selection. I have already taken some pictures for upcoming posts. Check back soon to see these posts and how I style these items in my images. At the moment these items are in my bathroom. I am yet to redecorate my bedroom, so I will definitely be shopping again in the near future for more home accessories.

What are your favourite homeware stores?

Check out some of Primark’s homeware here.

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[This is not a sponsored post. All items purchased by myself. I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned companies]