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I love music, whether I am working, relaxing, blogging, driving or exercising. I always have a playlist or go-to songs to suit my mood. At the moment I use Tidal to stream music. I like having access to all the music on the platform and am able to download music to my phone, so I can use it when I don’t have WiFi or 4G. Perfect for flights and travelling. I enjoy alot of different genres, depending on my mood. I have my favourite songs and artists but all really love discovering new music.

Jhené Aiko

After seeing on social media that Jhené had released an album, I thought I would check it out. Jhené Aiko is an American R&B/Hip Hop singer and songwriter. I have never listened to one of her albums before but thought I would check it out as I like some of her songs. Some of my favourites are Spotless Mind, The Worst and Sailing NOT Selling.

New Album ‘Trip’

Trip was released on the 22nd September without any prior announcement. It is the second studio album released by Jhené. I have listened to the whole album several times over the past few days and I love it. The vibe is so chilled out and makes me feel relaxed. It is great to listen to on its own or whilst you are doing something, for example, blogging. The album features a great mix of upbeat catchy songs as well as slower calming songs. There are twenty two tracks on the album. I love putting on a long album and being able to focus on what I am doing without changing and choosing music.

Some of are my favourites are; OLLA (Only Lovers Left Alive), When We Love, Sativa, New Balance You Are Here & Never Call Me. These are the songs that get stuck in my head and I reach for on their own, but I do love listening to this album the whole way through.


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