My Current Fitness Routine | August 2017


One of the main things I have been focusing on over the past month is my fitness. I enjoy working out but struggle to stick to a routine, especially in my previous job. I would be out of my house from 7am to 7pm at a minimum, by the time I got home the last thing I wanted to do is workout. When I left my job I made it my main priority to have a consistent routine. At first, this didn’t exactly go to plan. About a month after leaving my job I noticed I was gaining weight on my stomach and felt very bloated. When I thought about it, I was spending alot of time sitting at my laptop and barely walking around. This triggered me to make a change as I don’t really have an excuse anymore not to be in control of my fitness.

I am not the type of person to go to gym, in fact I have never been to one. This is different for alot of people, it all depends what motivates you. Personally, I find routines on YouTube and Pinterest and follow those. Also, I want to stress that fitness for me is not about being a certain weight. I do it look and feel good, my main aim is to look healthy and toned! I eat whatever I want, but am very aware if I have been eating too much rubbish. Exercise really benefits mental health, confidence, self esteem and energy levels.

My Current Fitness Routine

I have three different focuses that help me to increase the amount of exercise I am doing and to target the areas I want to tone:

  • Step Count
  • Cardio Workout
  • Toning

Step Count

When I started feeling bloated about a month ago having quit my job a month before that. I realised I was doing hardly any steps compared to when I was working. To increase this again I started taking my dog for a long walk. I use S Health on my phone to track my steps. S Health is a standard app on Samsung phones, there is probably an equivalent on Apple or other phones. My goal is 10000 daily, this is the standard target that is set on S Health. I don’t always achieve this, but I generally try to be above 5000. My walks can vary anywhere from 45mins to an hour and a half. I then also complete cardio and toning workouts as explained below. I do not know my step count with these included as I don’t hold my phone, hence why I try and get my steps to 5000+ just with my morning walk. If I am headed out during the day this is not difficult to achieve.

Cardio Workout

I love walking but I know that it is not going to be as effective in burning fat. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t want to lose loads of weight, just the extra that I had put on my stomach. To do this I knew I would need to start doing a high intensity workout. My favourite that I am doing at the moment is by Fitness Blender on YouTube. At first, I could barely complete the workout but now I can keep up and finish the workout. It’s not as intense as the Insanity workouts but it definitely gets my heart rate up. At the moment I complete this workout every other day. Depending on how I feel I will do a shorter length toning workout afterwards. Check out the Fitness Blender cardio workout that requires no equipment HERE!


I have loved toning workouts for years. My favourite workouts target butt and abs. I have used workouts by ToneItUp for ages, they are easy to follow and I feel they are very effective. To make them more difficult you just need to increase repetitions or circuits. I love that you can find printable versions of their workouts on Pinterest. I love doing some of these whilst watching TV if not part of a full workout as mentioned in the section above. Check out my favourite ToneItUp workouts:


Workout Tips!

  • Find when your best time to workout is: morning or evening?

  • Do you prefer the gym or workout from home?

  • Put together a playlist.

  • Complete a workout at your own pace.

  • Stretch afterwards to reduce pain the next day!

  • Drink lots of water

  • Make it fun, find exercises you enjoy


I hope you have found this post helpful and has possibly inspired your workout routine!

Leave a comment explaining your routine or what you wish to do in future.

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