Top 30 Romantic Comedies


My favourite genre of film is romantic comedy. Whether it’s movie night or you are just feeling a bit down. A good romantic comedy is perfect for lifting your mood. When I think of a Rom-Com, I am generally thinking of films that consist of love, fun and have that feel good factor. Some you may fit into another category, but these are the ones I personally think are rom com’s. There are definitely more than I have listed and these are in no particular order. These are ones that come to my mind that I enjoyed and can watch over and over again.

I have included films from all different dates – they aren’t necessarily new films. Hopefully you find some inspiration and maybe a film that you haven’t seen before. I am rubbish at writing film summaries so I will leave that to the professionals. I would recommend looking these up on IMDb or going on Youtube to watch the trailers.

Top 30 Romantic Comedies

  1. The Proposal

  2. No Strings Attached

  3. Something Borrowed

  4. He’s Just Not That Into You

  5. Bridesmaids

  6. Friends With Benefits

  7. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

  8. Safe Haven

  9. The Wedding Planner

  10. The Longest Ride

  11. The Best of Me

  12. Me Before You

  13. Maid In Manhattan

  14. Just Married

  15. My Best Friends Wedding


  16. The Holiday

  17. Pretty Woman

  18. 10 Things I Hate About You

  19. Monster-In-Law

  20. Valentines Day

  21. Pretty In Pink

  22. How To Be Single

  23. The Back-Up Plan

  24. Dirty Dancing

  25. Clueless

  26. Bridget Jones Diary

  27. Legally Blonde

  28. Some Kind Of Wonderful

  29. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

  30. Forgetting Sarah Marshall


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Do you have any favourites on this list?

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